My name is Mallory O’Donnell. I am a professional in the landscaping industry. Beyond that, I am a professional amateur and enthusiast of cooking, gardening and foraging. I make no claims to be an “expert” in any of the fields discussed. My own experience with all three suggests to me that I will never stop learning about them.

How to Cook a Weed is about how to make the most out of the world of food ingredients, particularly those that are inexpensive or grow wild. I am an omnivore who is mostly vegetarian. Most of what I make is vegan. I am not a vegan. I have no interest in the politics of nutritional ideologies.

What I am interested in is learning and sharing what I’ve learned about how to live, not survive, often on very little. How to use and reuse ingredients. How to create items that sit in your fridge and get used, rather than linger until they’re thrown out. How to live better, cheaper, and with less waste. How to respect the environment we live in and learn how to use it appropriately. How to turn a lawn into a garden.

I’m still learning. I hope I never stop.

If you enjoy How to Cook a Weed, I post on Instagram as well.

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